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Being British

I’m a brit, well, Scottish, and as a Brit, you don’t often get the chance to be proud of your Prime Minister,it’s usually shame, embarrassment, and you get an urge to apologize to people, but David Cameron is a bit of a dude…


I’m now using Chrome, hopefully I’ll get used to it.

Basically, the CEO of Firefox donated money to a anti-gay marriage campaign (Prop 8). The dude is entitled to his opinions, however silly they may be, but I can’t continue to use Firefox while this guy is in charge.

Dumb — Shawn Blanc 

A nice article from Shawn Blanc.


A really great article about resurrecting extinct species.

I think as humans are responsible for eradicating many species, we have the moral duty to at least try to repair the damage we have done to this world.

However, one of my fears of this, and the article does cover this, is if resurrecting species becomes an easy process, will we care less, if we can just ‘fix it’ afterwards.

For example, we are currently in the process of exterminating the Leadbeater’s possum, naturally, this isn’t going to be a popular act, but if we can just ‘bring it back’,maybe public anger wouldn’t be so vocal?

Is the human race is destined to continually repeat it’s own mistakes? If the Tasmanian Tiger was found to be just endangered now (rather than extinct), would we conserve it, or would we just put the final nail in the coffin? I fear it would be the latter.

If the Tassie tiger is found, by some miracle, to be still in existence, I really hope it’s found on some valueless land, no coal/gas/oil/trees anywhere near it.

Year of Code

This a UK educational initiative, to get school children to be able to “code”. Reading up on this, it’s mostly aimed at HTML, but maybe ‘apps’ too.

According to the head of all this, a teacher can be taught to code quickly, “they can pick it up in about an hour” she says, yet apparently all these tech companies are crying out for ‘coders’, they need to employ them from outside the UK, they just can’t find them.

If it only takes ‘about an hour’ to learn, then why don’t these tech firms get a lad off the street, throw an hours (hell, two hours) tuition at them, PROBLEM SOLVED!

Because it’s bollocks, it takes years to be even a half decent programmer, and a couple hours a week won’t work. I was taught Welsh in school for years, and now, I can just about say ‘Good Morning”, and count to 5. Why doesn’t this work….

I don’t give a shit about Welsh, it’s difficult to learn something you are not interested in. Most school children won’t care either, some will, but those are the kids already doing it.

I do give a shit about programming, so despite having zero hours in school tuition, I’ve still managed to learn it. How? Because I cared, and taught myself.

The Year of Code, for me, is everything that’s wrong with traditional education, good intentions, but zero understanding of the real world.

If they get one good programmer out of this year, it’ll be a frickin’ miracle.

The Jezabels - The Brink

As an Aussie (not by birth, by preference.) I should know this band, but I didn’t, and that was my loss, ‘The Brink’ is a fantastic album.

Don’t let the overuse of the word ‘The’ put you off (Seriously, a song called ‘The End’, on an album called ‘The Brink’, by a band called ‘The Jezabels’)

Dallas Buyers Club

Out of the Oscar nominated films I’ve seen recently, American Hustle, her, and now Dallas Buyers Club, this one was easily the best movie, and certainly the best performances.

Most people are singling out Mr McConaughey for his performance, and it is excellent, exceptional in fact, but for me, Jared Leto was the standout, his performance is incredible, it’s difficult to believe it’s an actor playing a role, and not simply a real life character, it’s probably the best acting in any film, ever.

American Hustle

Great performances all round, Christian Bale was especially impressive. An enjoyable, but skin deep movie, it won’t leave a lasting impression, but it’ll entertain you for the time it’s on.


'her', the movie, is a good film, I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure what it was trying to say.

It could be a comment on how society is communicating with the ‘cloud’ more than actual people, and we are losing intimacy in relationships because of that.

It could be a simple love story, how a relationship ebbs and flows, up and down.

It could be something else entirely.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, maybe not as much as American Hustle, but it certainly gave me more to think about than that film, which pretty much evaporated out of my head the moment I left the cinema.

Electric Cars

Nice idea, but according a Verge article I was reading…

"…which can refill 80 percent of the battery in under an hour…"

An hour, I have to wait an hour for my car to be ready to drive, seriously, I run out of amps (?) on the freeway, and I need to wait an hour before i can get going again?

"Sorry love, can’t pick you up from work, need to wait an hour for my car to charge." Fuck that.

Maybe in a few decades the technology will be there, but it’s undercooked right now, and could put back adoption when it actually does get better.

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